Across the Universe

Two planetary bodies moving heaven and earth
Finally reaching an orbit only achieved
Once a millenium
Both celestial bodies exchanging
Positive and negative charges,
Their internal energy levels ebbing and flowing,
Condensing and expanding;
Collective molten cores radiating such heat
As to throw off high levels of luminosity that would shine
Like beacons throughout the heavens
Lasting eons past their eventual implosion
Galaxies away from each other
The ionic particles of their brief union
Scattered like pieces of dreams
Seemingly lost in the expanse of time and space
Bandied about by the cosmic winds of eternity
To be united once more in the drop of a tear
Kissed from the cheek of a young woman
By her best friend as she is betrothed to another
Its essence mingling as the warrior turns away
Wondering how she could let love go
Never having spoken what was in her heart
Causing the very heavens to weep
Until their souls were fused together
Once more, releasing the power of
The gods Jove and Venus Veneris

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