A Xena New Year

Twas New Year's Eve and Gabs sat by the fire
She was teasing her Xe, building her desire
She lowered her strap, lust bold in her eyes
Xe gulped noisily and uttered a sigh

Then running a hand up under her shift
Gabs smiled wickedly, and Xe got her drift
Xe's trembling hand put a log on the fire
And watched Gabrielle as the flames licked higher

As she fondled her breasts, the peaks getting hard
Gabs began to talk smutty with the skills of a bard
Xe moved ever closer, sweaty palms on Gab's hips
And leaned her mouth down where the cleavage just dips

The bard rocked her pelvis, her hand dipping down
Her eyes locked on azure, into which she could drown
Xe moaned out "Gabrielle" and moved her hips wide
So the bard's hot fingers could work quickly inside

On and on it went, deep into the night
The Warrior cried out, what a glorious sight!
As the bard bent down and leaned into her task
She knew what to do, Xe didn't have to ask

She sucked in one nipple, it played on her tongue
Then lavished attention on the other pert one
She moved her oral shaft down to Xena's curls
And tongued at the petals, darting inside with swirls

A digit was placed at the gate with much care
And plunged in with abandon with boldness and dare
The warrior groaned out and keened to the sky
The stillness around them was pierced with her cry

A hot mouth embraced Xe and emblazoned her core
She entreated the bard who then bent to her chore
Enwrapping Xe's node with her sultry bay
Gabs brought her to rapture in more than one way

As they lay all curled up in each other's arms
Xe went over the list of the bard's many charms
They'd made love all night long, no battle of wills
The Warrior had shown she too had some skills

As the first rays of morning announced the new day
They packed up their lives and went on their way
Would the New Year be easy or would it be hard?
They'd face it together, the Warrior and the Bard

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